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Psychic Readings

Life Moments

Psychic Readings by Karina

For all the moments in your life.
Past, present and future.

I am a Psychic Medium who believes in the healing that comes from an intuitive reading. 


I am able to help others reach a sense of peace, reassurance and understanding. Through my readings my clients gain a deeper insight into themselves. 


I can give you the guidance you are seeking for as you navigate through life’s transitions.  Whether you are at a crossroads in your job, have relationship questions, or need confirmation on things, my goal is always for my clients to be able to move forward in life with the insight and support that they need. 


I have been doing readings for over 30 years. My readings are more like a conversation between friends. While most readings last about an hour I do not put a time limit on a reading. We will speak until you are satisfied.


I always suggest that you write down a list of questions and topics to make sure that we cover everything that is on your mind; business, personal and so on. The spirit will guide me in answering your questions and I will give you insight into situations that you are going through. I am often told by my clients that I have changed their lives and helped them to get closure on things they had been struggling with for years. 


I love what I have been chosen to do in life. When I am not doing readings you can find me gardening, reading a book,

and spending time with my family.

The Process

Most readings take about an hour, but I don't put a time limit on my readings.

We will speak until you are satisfied.  

I suggest that you write down a list of questions and/or topics to make sure that we cover everything that's on your mind. Business related, personal, etc. Once we start speaking the conversation will take over and lead us to where it needs to.

To schedule a reading or if you need more information about my services please fill out the contact form below. I will respond back promptly with information on available openings and payment information.


I look forward to speaking with you! Karina

Psychic Readings

Let's Talk

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my services. Please email me at or text me at:

910-292-9141 or fill in the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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